Henk's Homepage with Photo's of Different Countries.

Through this homepage I show you a selection of photo's of a variety of countries. Photo's made in a period from 1982 upto now. The most were made in the nineties of the previous century but , since I have planned to continue, more and more photo's of the 21e century will be added.

My interest in other countries and cultures means that I am intrested also in the news of the world and this is the reason of the links to Dutch and non Dutch language newspapers. Besides newspapers in the English language there is a link to a newspaper in Afrikaans (The South African language).

At this page you can also find two links to media who are well known for gathering the world news.

I also have added links to web sites with articles about Dutch history which is underexposed, I think, in the rest of the world.

If you have any critics, mild or severe, about these pages and or the setup of them, I wil be happy to hear it by e-mail.

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Start this version: 15-April-2001. Latest modification: 05-Apr-2010
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